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If, as we’ve argued here, our freedom consistent are choosing to act according to her strongest desires or inclinations, but it stands to reason that we can change her behavior only one or strongest desires and inclinations change. Character transformation is the key to behavior modification. And, of course, this is why Scripture is so consistently concerned with the renewal of our minds, our hearts, our characters, and her inner persons. Only as the spirit of God works in us to transform our deepest desires we choose and act in ways, and increasingly, that are pleasing to the Lord. What hope there isn’t here. We can be assured, as Jesus himself indicated, that is the spirit and the word transform our characters so that we become good trees, the fruit repair will evidence the new trees that we are. Unlike libertarian freedom, which bifurcates character from conduct space parentheses with its insistence on freedom as a suppose it power of contrary choice), space here we take great strength and direction from the fact that is God works to make us increasingly holy in Christ like we live out what we love. Character matters, and it holds the key, ultimately, to living to transform lives that God calls and empowers us to live.


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