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But the very reason that we are called to work at the transformation of our minds (Romans 12:1 – 2) and the renewal of our characters (Col. 3:8 — 10) is precisely that as we become more like Christ, we  choose and act more like Christ. In other words, we still act out of her natures, even as believers. It’s just that now her natures have been regenerated and they are in the process of renewal. But if we fail to grow and fail to be more and more transformed, we will continue to choose and act out of nature still strongly inclined towards sin. We will do what we want most, and because we are not as transform as we ought to be, we want most of sin. But as we submit to the discipline to the spirit (E. G., Bible meditation, prayer, corporate worship, preaching, teaching), space and as her character undergoes increasing transformation, our “want tos” change. We begin, more and more, choosing an acting according to her deepest desires, but these deepest desires now have changed. By the transformation of her characters, we long more and more to please the Lord, to obey his word, to follow his voice, and in all these ways we live out the true and transform natures of our heart. Believers, then, act out of their natures just as unbelievers do. But by grace, believers are granted new natures that are in the process of transformation necessary to alter radically the deepest inclinations and strongest longings of our hearts.



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