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He that is prepared for sufferings, come what will come, is a happy man; if sufferings do not come, he is yet a martyr in mind and purpose. God sees the suffering frame that is in him; his willing mind is accepted as much as if his blood were actually shed; and being ready to die for Christ, he is ready to live with him in heaven; if sufferings come he is provided for them. St. Paul was ready to be bound and die for the name of Jesus. Polycarp, when threatened with various deaths, made this reply, Quid tardas? “Why dost thou delay? Inflict what thou wilt.” The prepared christian is ready for all the will of God, which is a happiness that no suffering can interrupt. He is in a posture to overcome all the world, and he will do it.
Edward Polhill
A Preparation for Suffering
Chap. Two