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The Force and Help It Has

            We cannot marvel, though sin be active seeing that Satan helps it forward. In some he plays the Rex [king], and rules in the hearts of the children of disobedience (Eph. 2.2).  And note this, where men are sons of disobedience there are they also servants unto the Prince of Darkness: They come at his case and go at his command (1 Pet. 5.8).  Nay he makes them as like himself as may be.

            The devil himself is fierce and cruel, thence he is called a roaring lion and are not his servant so?  No bear more salvage, no tiger more fierce, no lion more cruel than they are.  It better saith one, to be a beast, than compared to a beast, for a beast is good in his nature, but a man that is like a beast, he degenerates from that nature that should be in him.

            A Murderous Enemy

             How does Pharaoh cause the male children to float on the river?  How does Manasses cause Jerusalem to swim in blood?  And what a monster was Herod that slew all those innocent babes from two years old and under?  Nay how like was Nero to him that caused Christians to be put into coasts laid over with pitch and brimstone, and to burn all night, to the end that they might shew light to those that passed by.

            The Devil hates our natural life: So does he make his servants to seek to take away the precious life of men.  As you have heard, nay he labors to take away our spiritual life, that is to destroy our souls.  As when Christ had sown the good seed, the enemy he comes and sows tares (Matt. 13.19), he was a lying spirit in the mouths of all Ahab’s prophets (1 Kings 2.23), so he seeks to fan us as chaff, and to hinder our faith: so do all his servants.


False Doctrine

             How did Jannes and Jambres resist Moses to [his] face (2 Tim. 3.8)?  And did not Elimas seek to turn the deputy from the faith (Acts 13.8, 9, 10), whom Paul not unfitly calls the child of the Devil and enemy of all righteousness:  And for their activeness in all this, they are very industrious.  As it was said of the Pharisees (of Jesuits) (Matt. 23.15) that they did compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when they had done, made him twofold more the child of the devil than themselves: and no wonder thought; they move so fast, for they needs to apace whom the Devil drives.