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                                                           How is Sin so Sudden?

            This shows whence it is that men are so suddenly wicked: Surely it must be from hence, because that sin is so active as it is.  The activeness of sin makes a man impatient in delays, one being demanded why the earth was everywhere so fruitful of weeds, and yet so much ado to make fragrant and pleasant flowers to grown, albeit [a contraction of “although it be” so] it were with much cost and pains.  Answered: that the earth was the natural mother to the one and stepmother to the other.

            It is so in this case, the earth of our hearts does bring forth sin of itself, and has the fee in itself.  But, for grace, alas it is a stepmother unto it: All that we can do is little enough to bring it to perfection.  Whereas this body of sin is marking on like Jehu the son of Nimshi  with much rage and malice, neither fearing God nor reverencing man (2 Kings 9).

            When the old world began to corrupt their way, they are said to have had to their children mighty men, men of renown or name (Gen. 6.4).  And the reason: because they were mighty in wickedness, and had got themselves a name of infamy.  The way of sin is downhill, and can hardly stay itself till it come to the bottom.  Little do men know how deep he may fall that there is a falling to sin; if he fall not as Eutychus, that fell from such a height, that he was taken up dead (Acts 20:7-12), yet may he fall as Mephibosheth did, and receive such hurt by it, that he may never claw it off all the day so his life (2 Sam. 9).