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Falsehood’, ‘denial’, ‘exploitation’ and ‘destruction’ are strong words that are sometimes overused—but not here. Peter goes on the offensive to warn that life is not a game, but a serious business. There is no practice run—this is the real thing; so live to glorify God, or you will be judged and condemned.
Many have become anaesthetized to the facts of life and death, truth and error, God and Satan, heaven and hell, for there are so many other things that crowd into life and the big issues can so easily be sidelined. It may be work, or leisure—including legitimate hobbies—or it could be boredom, not knowing what to do, or the daily grind of life; yet all can conspire to lull us into a false sense of security.
Christians live in enemy territory surrounded by evil powers and forces that are against them. All, therefore, are to be on their guard, not least against false words.

Opening Up Second Peter,