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When sorrows had begirt me round,

            And pains within and out

When in my flesh no part was sound

            Then didst thou rid me out.


My burning flesh in sweat did boil

            My aching head did break;

From side to side for ease I toil

            So faint I could not speak.


Beclouded was my soul with fear

            Of thy displeasure sore

Nor could I read my evidence

            Which oft I read before.


Hide not thy face from me, I cried,

            From burnings keep my soul;

Thou know’st my heart and hast me tried;

            I on they mercy’s roll.


O, heal my soul, thou know’st I said;

            Tho’ flesh consume me nought;

What tho’ in dust it shall be laid;

            To glory shall be brought.


Thou heardst, thy rod thou didst remove,

            And spar’d my body frail,

Thou shew’st to me thy tender love,

            My heart no more might quail.


O, Praises to my mighty God,

            Praise to my Lord, I say,

Who hath redeem’d my soul from pit:

Praises to him for Aye!