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What God is like to him I serve[1],

What Savior like to mine?

O, never let me from thee swerve,

For I am truly thine.


My thankful mouth shall speak they praise,

My tongue shall talk of thee[2]:

On high my heart, O, do I raise,

For what thou’st done for me.


Go, worldlings[3], to your vanities,

And heathen to your gods;

Let them help in adversities[4],

And sanctify their rods.


My God is not like to yours[5],

Yourselves shall judges be;

I find his love, I know his power

A succorer of me.


He is not a man that he should lie[6],

No son of man to unsay;

His word he plighted[7] hath on high

And I shall live for aye[8].


And for his sake that faithful is,

That died but now doth live[9],

The first and last, that lives for aye[10],

Me lasting life shall give[11].

[1] Isaiah 46:7-8.

[2] Malachi 3:16; see Thomas Watson’s The Great Gain of Godliness, chapter 7.

[3] Those of the “world” who do not know God in Jesus Christ.

[4] Jeremiah 11:10.

[5] Isaiah 46:9

[6] Numbers 23:19.

[7] Promised, sworn.

[8] Forever, eternity.

[9] Revelation 1:18.

[10] Revelation 1:17.

[11] John 10:28.