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This poem is prefaced, “For the restoration of my dear husband from a burning ague, June, 1661”


When fears and sorrows me beset

Then did’st thou rid me out

When heart did faint and spirits quail,

Thou comforts me about.


Thou rais’st him up, I feared to lose,

Regav’st him again:

Distempers thou didst chase away;

With strength didst him sustain.


My thankful heart, with pen record

The goodness of thy God;

Let thy obedience testify

He taught thee by his rod.


And with his staff did thee support,

That thou by both may’st learn;

And ‘twixt the good and evil way,

At last, thou migh’st discern.


Praises to him who hath not left

My soul as destitute;

Nor turned his ear away from me,

But granted hath my suit.