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William Romaine, in A Treatise on the Life of Faith, set out the consolation and comfort of the believer from the Gospel:

“1. All men having broken the law, and being under the curse of it, Christ was made under the law, that the law might reach him as the surety of his people; accordingly,
2. By his obedience to the precepts, and by his suffering the penalties of the law, he redeemed them who were under the law; so that,
3. They are no longer in bondage to it, but are made free, and have received the adoption of sons; and,
4. They have the spirit of liberty sent into their hearts to witness to them, that Christ fulfilled the law for them; and,
5. That the Father loves them, as his dear children, and they love him and serve him without fear, calling him Abba, Father;
6. Wherefore they are no longer servants in bondage to any one, but are made free indeed, being now the sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus- And,
7. If sons, then heirs of Gods, and free to inherit whatever he has promised to give his children in earth and heaven.”

Excerpt From: Romaine, William. “Treatise upon the life of faith.”