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“the true workman of God is like the civil engineer to whom it is given to construct a direct road to a certain point. The hearer’s heart and conscience is the objective point, and the aim of the preacher should be, so to use God’s truth as to reach most directly and effectively the needs of the hearer. He is to avoid all circuitous routes, all evasions, all deceptive apologies and by-ways of argument, and seek by God’s help to find the shortest, straightest, quickest road to the convictions and resolutions of those to whom he speaks. And if the road-builder, before he takes any other step, first carefully surveys his territory and lays out his route, how much more should the preacher first study the needs of his hearers and the best ways of successfully dealing with them, and then with even more carefulness and prayerfulness study the adaptation of the word of God and the gospel message to meet those wants.”

Excerpt From: Arthur Tappan Pierson. “George Müller of Bristol.”