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“Now these observations of the apostle disclose to us, we conceive, the true ground of the doctrine of union with Christ. A Redeemer has been given to man. He has been constituted “the last Adam,” “the second Man;” (1 Cor. xv. 45, 47;) and through His work of atonement and mediation, the sentence of condemnation may be reversed,—a new spiritual life may be imparted to us,— and our entire nature be eternally glorified with Him. But to enjoy these benefits, we must not stand aloof from Him; we must “come” unto Him; and it is when we are “in Him” that every spiritual blessing is ours: we have access to the Father,—the Spirit dwells in our hearts to comfort, and sanctify, and keep us,—and heaven opens to us its glories and its joys.”

Henry Wilkinson Williams. “Union with Christ.” 1857