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      The heart thus purged, as has before been shown, does require great care for the keeping of it still in good plight [in a good way] afterwards. Proverbs 4:23. This is done by watching, trying, and purging. We must watch, lest we should for the want to thereof [lack of watching] be deceived with the baits of sin.  We must examine and try it, because no man can watch so carefully, but that much evil creep in. And we must purge out that filthy dross of concupiscence which we find by examining, but it set not our will on fire,  to satisfy and perform the desires thereof. Psalm 119:9.

      This Requires Continual Effort

      This indeed is no idle work; for he that goes about it must be content and glad to wean his heart from many unprofitable and wondering thoughts and desires: and so season them with holy and heavenly meditations. But we may see by Scripture (Psalm 32:4-6, Hebrews 10:38) and by experience (not withstanding our affections be strong, unruly, and most hardly subdued) with what ease we may renounce and for sake of them, and have power over our will and appetites, when our heart speeds us renewed and Master: whereas the little acquaintance and ill governing of the heart, by letting it loose to folly, wondering indeed was fantasies, is that which causes it to be surfeited with all manner of iniquity.

      A Heart Swarming With Vain Thoughts

      Again, if our hearts be not plus carefully looked onto, we shall not have them ready to any duty. And hence it is, but many men’s hearts are swarming it usually with vain thoughts, even while they were playing and praying, because they do not constantly throughout the day watch over them.  For the only way to curb our lusts is to look our hearts. By looking to our hearts, we shall not only have help in furtherance to worship God aright, but in ourcommon actions, affairs and business, we should so behave ourselves as would be a joy to those that should behold us; and we would be an ornament and beauty to the gospel which we do profess.

      Continually Look

      Thus, we ought to look to our hearts in all that we do, both keeping out evil that would enter, and purging out that which by stealth shall creep in, and not by fits only, when the good mood takes us (which as it is too common, so it is most dangerous) but always. Psalm 1:2, Ephesians 5:16. Which if we shall do, although our hearts being purified and cleansed but in part, our desires and therefore cannot be all good and pleasing to God.  Our hearts will be imperfect and many of our thoughts evil, and other thoughts which will be mixed with evil and corruption.

      Yet to have our hearts thus changed even in part, so is it be in truth, it is a benefit of greater value than the whole world. And he that has it, is by infinite degrees happier than the most glorying professor that lacks it.