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Therefore, reader, for thine own sake, and for the glory of God, take heed what thou buildest thy faith upon. Beware of making any thing that sense reports to thee, the ground of it, but rest it upon that which abideth for ever.

True faith is believing the word of God, on that it rests. And strong faith is not staggering at the promises through unbelief, but living upon Christ to make them good. There’s thy object. Look at him. And since he is thine, thy Saviour and thy God, make use of him as such, and trust body and soul, and all things belonging to them in his hands, and among the rest, thy comforts. Let him give them to thee as seemeth him good.

Set not thy heart upon them, nor follow him, as the multitude did for the sake of his loaves and fishes, and the dainties that he gave them, who, when these were with-held, soon forsook their kind benefactor. Thou art by faith to make up all thy happiness in him, and in him Only; and he himself being thine, let him give thee or take away what he will besides, thou hast enough.

What! is not this comfort enough, that thou hast got the pearl of great price, the infinitely rich, inestimably precious Jesus? Who has the wisdom of God to contrive what is best for thee, boundless love to dispose him, and almighty power to enable him to give it thee, and he has promised it; canst thou desire more? Walk then with him by faith, and not by sight.

Romaine, William. “Treatise upon the life of faith.”