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A disciple of Jesus must conform the entire life to the manner of Jesus. The Lordship of Christ dictates that his lordship extend to all areas of life:

The New Authority stands in the forefront. The Teacher has claimed an absolute and unvarying supremacy over the life. That initial condition of discipleship now enters into every question, and from it there can be no deviation—no, not for a single moment. This authority is one that will set up the ideals of life, and declare the standard of action in all the larger and more important matters of the days, and in the most simple and trifling details of the passing moments.

George Campbell Morgan. “Discipleship.”

The failure to understand the life of the home as under the Lordship of Christ frustrates many Christians in their homes. When they look to commands for husbands and wives, parents and children, they see something to chafe and frustrate. It is easy to look to one’s own circumstance and think, “My wife/my husband — my child/my parent” — or even one’s work: “my boss/my employee” — does not deserve such courtesy, love, respect.

Such sentiments are often true. Which husband or wife, parent or child, employee or employer deserves the respect and care the Lord commands. Such a concern misses the point of the command. The submission is owed to Christ; he is Lord and the obedience is due him. To look at the relationship and think, “X does not deserve such care” obscures the point.

Indeed, to think of the relationship without reference to discipleship to Christ is to make the command a matter of the flesh and not the Spirit. Our goal in obedience is conformity to Christ.