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Brooks makes two observations concerning the text. First, “That the most holy men are always the most humble men.” Second, “That there are weak saints as well as strong; little saints as well as great.” Brooks will spend quite a time considering each observation.

That humility attends upon and promotes holiness will be his first consideration. He first will demonstrate this truth from Scripture. This is an important point: a supposed doctrine which can find no support elsewhere, is likely a doctrine which is not true. Scripture explains and develops its doctrine in a recursive manner. While not every doctrine is fully developed in every portion of Scripture; each doctrine must be consistent with the rest of Scripture.  Moreover, every doctrine should be confirmed by at least some additional Scripture. Many lines can go through a single point. But only one line can connect two points.

Second, Brooks will demonstrate at length the characteristics of truly humble souls.

Third, Brooks will show why humility is so esteemed by God.

Finally, he will give the application of the doctrine.

As for proof of humility being a characteristic of holy men, Brooks looks to the examples of Paul, Isaiah, Peter, Job,  Abraham, Jacob and David. From this Brooks concludes,

The nearer any soul draws to God, the humble will that soul lie before God.



How low is that soul in his own eyes, that is most honorable in God’s eyes!