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“Nothing truly shows a spiritual man so much, as the dealing with another man’s sin.”—Sin broke all to pieces, man from God and one from another. Christ’s work in the world was union.—The friendships of the world, the best of them, are but tied with chains of glass, but this fraternal love of Christians is a golden chain, both more precious, and more strong and lasting; the others are worthless and brittle.—The roots of plants are hid under ground, so that themselves are not seen, but they appear in their branches and flowers and fruits, which argue there is a root and life in them; thus the graces of the Spirit, planted in the soul, though themselves invisible, yet discover their being and life in the tract of a Christian’s life, his words and actions, and the frame of his carriage Faith worketh by love, so then where this root is, these roots will spring from it and discover it, pity and courtesy.—He whom the Lord loads most with his richest gifts, stoops lowest, as pressed down with the weight of them; the free love of God humbles the heart most to which it is most manifested.

Leighton, on 1 Peter 3:8