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Brooks has been detailing the properties of one who is truly humble. The fifth quality he describes concerns the source of a man’s honor and contentment:

A fifth property of an humble soul is this: An humble soul lives not upon himself, nor upon his own actings, but upon the Lord Jesus, and his actings

Human beings were created in the image of God, to both present God to the creation and to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Having lost our first place before God, we walk about with a wound; we have an insatiable desire for honor. We make up the deficit by seeking something of ourselves. This is seen ultimately in our desire for self-justification; our desire to be right before God. Whether one piles up good works, or seeks a perfect resignation leading to the end of the illusion of one’s own existence. All such efforts in the end stand upon one’s own pride:

But now proud hearts live not upon the Lord Jesus Christ; they live upon themselves, and upon their own duties, their own righteousness, their own actings, as the Scripture evidences.

Brooks compares this to the nature of a humble Christian:

An humble soul sees that all his stock is in the hands of Christ. His stock of graces, his stock of comforts, his stock of experiences are in the hands of Jesus Christ, who is the great Lord keeper of all a believer’s graces, and of all his comforts; and therefore, as children live upon them in whose hand their stock is, be it a brother or a friend, why, so an humble soul sees its stock is in the hand of the Lord Jesus, and therefore he lives upon Christ, upon his love, and his provision, and his undertakings, &c.

This happens in one who empties himself:

Christ dwells in that heart most eminently that hath emptied itself of itself. Christ is the humble man’s manna, upon which he lives, and by which he thrives, Isa. 58:2, 7; Luke 7:47.