Consider this: how would your day-to-day tasks look different if you did them with evangelistic intentionality?

When you awake, you pray for help to be faithful with the gospel. Ask God for opportunities to speak of Christ and for boldness to take the opportunities that he gives.
When you are eating breakfast maybe you’ll scan the news so as to see some current events that might be springboards for conversation with neighbors, co-workers or strangers.
When you are commuting to work, you may consider listening to a sermon or a book to equip you with a better handle on the truth.
At work, the market, or the gym you aim to be friendly so you can have an open door for conversation that you are praying would lead to the gospel.
When you come home you don’t hustle inside but enjoy the outside while being friendly to neighbors. Consider also going for walks, praying for your neighborhood and meeting neighbors.
When doing errands (store, barber, etc) consider going to the same places so you can get to know the people who work there.

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