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From a letter of Robert Murray M’Cheyene

The spring is advancing,—I feel already the softness of the wind,—so that we may hope the winter is past, the rain over and gone. I know the summer revives you, and the doctor gives me good hope that it will revive me. In spiritual things, this world is all winter time so long as the Saviour is away. To them that are in Christ there are some sweet glistenings of his countenance, there are meltings of his love, and the sweet song of the turtle-dove when his Holy Spirit dwells in the bosom; still it is but winter time till our Lord shall come. But then, “to you that fear his name, shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings.” And if before He comes we should go away to be where He is, still we shall enter into a world of perpetual summer,—we shall behold his glory which the Father gave Him.

To Mrs. Thain, 1839