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God’s love for the individual as a consequence of the gospel, not the heart of the Gospel. This has big implications for evangelicalism, which has always prided itself on getting the gospel right. Here it has particular implications for spirituality, for it means that genuine biblical spirituality will reflect an express this corporate gospel. Many traditions of spirituality 10 towards individualism: evangelical spirituality, if it is biblical, I’ll not fall into the same trap. Stanley Grenz tells us that spirituality for a post modern age will need to be communitarian rather than individualistic, and Christianity that is lived as well as believed. This is biblical spirituality.

Peter Adams, Hearing God’s Words: Exploring Biblical Spirituality

This community spirituality clearly requires a certain level of relationship. We need to be sharing our lives. We need to be with other Christians “daily.” We need friendships that are real, open, and intimate. We need to give one another license to dig into our lives and challenge our hearts. We need leaders who foster this culture by giving and receiving this daily exhortation, who lead not only from their pulpits but with their lives. The word of God needs not only to be central to church life but thoroughly to pervade every aspect of it.

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