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Charnock notes that we should not expect anyone to know God in any reasonable way.

How can we arise by the strength of nature to the underling of the infinite wisdom and power? If we are not able to arrive to such a knowledge of the creatures by weak nature [or inherent ability to observe and understand the world], so as to given an essential definition [a complete description] of them; if the nature of a stone, sound, col, do pose us [and if you take the time you will learn that the most basic questions are profoundly more difficult than we ever believed; all investigation has only made the basic questions more difficult]: if all the question put to us about a fly cannot be answered: how much less are we able to come to the knowledge of God, with strength with the strange which is too weak for the other? If we are nonplussed by creatures, much more by the Creator.

The Knowledge of God in Christ