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You cannot understand Africa until you understand this worldview. You cannot understand African politics, African poverty, African culture, and even the African Church until you understand animism.

In the same way, you can’t understand American culture until you understand that we are equally locked in empiricism and rationalism. Seeing is believing. Nothing is fact unless it can be proved by “science.” Anything else is shoved up in the category of “values” and is therefore personal, irrational, and undependable. This is the very philosophy that seeks to destroy Christianity in America. But haven’t we, as Christians, even allowed it to seep into our own thinking? Sure, Satan is real. Demons are real. But they aren’t actually going to manifest themselves, right?

I understand that there needs to be balance. I’m not saying that everyone with problems needs to be exorcised, or that there’s a demon in the sound system when it doesn’t work. The African Church needs to root out the superstition and Prosperity Gospel that seeks to permeate it; the American Church needs to root out it’s unequivocal trust in science and medicine.

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Hattip: Tim Challies, challies.com