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Jeremiah Burroughs, in the collection of sermons published as Gospel Worship http://www.ligonier.org/store/gospel-worship-hardcover/), sets out ten meditations for one who prepares to receive the Lord’s Supper:

Meditation 1. The way of salvation is by a Mediator. It is not only God’s mercy, God saying that He is offended by sin but he will be content to pass it by; no, but it is through a Mediator….there is a great work required of God to make an atonement between sinners and Himself.

Mediation 2. This Mediator who stands between God and us is verily and truly man. He has taken our nature upon Him. The bread puts us in mind of the body of Christ, and the wine of his blood; and therefore we are to mediate on the human nature of Jesus Christ.

Meditation 3. Here is presented what this Mediator has done to reconcile us to God. His body was broken…Oh that we should be willing to suffer for Jesus Christ in our bodies, even to resist unto blood, seeing that Christ has been content to have His precious body broken and His blood shed for us!

Meditation 4. Here we have occasion to mediate on what the Scripture says, that we are saved by the blood of God.

Meditation 5. Of the infinite dreadfulness of the justice of God. How dreadful is the justice of God that, coming upon His own Son and requiring satisfaction from Him, should thus bruise and break Him, that should have His blood, that should require such sufferings even from His Son!

Meditation 6. Here I see presented to me what every soul that shall be saved cost.

Meditation 7. Hence we see the evil of sin. How great is that which has made such a breach between God and my soul that only such a way and such a means could take away my sin.

Meditation 8. Behold the infinitive love of God to mankind and the love of Jesus Christ, that rather than God see the children of men to perish eternally, He would send His Son to take our nature upon Him and thus suffer such dreadful things.

Meditation 9 Though a believer is never so weak, yet seeing that God has appointed the body and blood of His Son for him to feed upon and to drink in a spiritual way, then surely the weakest in all the world will be strengthened to go through all the hazards and dangers that there are in the world….This is meat indeed and drink indeed that will nourish to eternal life.

Meditation 10. When you come to see the bread broken and the wine poured out, you have an occasion to meditation upon the whole New Covenant, the covenant of grace that God has made with sinners.