What’s the reasoning behind such a question? I’m not directly aware of the specific communication studies which underlie the assertion, but there are plenty and I don’t dispute the fact that some people learn better in an interactive format. However, it’s a fallacy to assume that the primary purpose of preaching is teaching. In fact, the Bible indicates a relative distinction between the modes of teaching and preaching. Teaching has more of an instructional function, to impart information. By contrast, the mode of preaching is the work of an ambassador who is announcing something. My students will hear me say frequently “a worship service is not a school.” That doesn’t mean there isn’t learning that takes place in preaching, but a herald of the kingdom announces a state of affairs for the purpose of persuading his listeners and eliciting faith in his good news. He does so as an Oracle of God, the very voice of the good Shepherd whose sheep hear his voice. (Jn 10; Rom 10:14, 16)