Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Godliness teaches us this mystery, Not to be satisfied with all the world for our portion, and yet to be content with the meanest condition in which we are. 

Mark, here lies the mystery of it, 

A little in the world will content a Christian for his passage, 

but all the world, and ten thousand times more, will not content a Christian for his portion. 

A carnal heart will be content with these things of the world for his portion; and that is the difference between a carnal heart and a gracious heart. 

But a gracious heart says, ‘Lord, do with me what you will for my passage through this world; I will be content with that, but I cannot be content with all the world for my portion.’ So there is the mystery of true contentment. 

A contented man, though he is most contented with the least things in the world, yet he is the most dissatisfied man that lives in the world.