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Humility is not a false self-deprecation; rather it is a radical God-centeredness: my honor does not lie in myself, but in Christ (which is an implication of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ). Therefore, I am not loser should another man or woman be honored. As Brooks notes:

The fourteenth property of an humble soul is this: it can rejoice in the graces and gracious actings of others, as well as in its own.

3 Brooks 22.

When honor is a zero-sum game and grace to another comes at a cost to me, then clawing back the praise another receives will be my goal. But when grace comes from a never-ending fountain what should I worry that another is raised? 

 This age is full of such monsters that envy every light that outshines their own, and that throw dirt upon the graces and excellencies of others, that themselves may only shine. Pride is notable both at subtraction and at multiplication. A proud heart always prizes himself above the market; he reckons his own pence for pounds, and others’ pounds for pence; he looks upon his own counters as gold, and upon others’ gold as counters. All pearls are counterfeit but what he wears.