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Labour to be clothed with humility.



makes a man peaceable among brethren, fruitful in well-doing, cheerful in suffering, and constant in holy walking, 1 Pet. 5:5.

 fits for the highest services we owe to Christ, and yet will not neglect the lowest service to the meanest saint, John 13:5.

can feed upon the meanest dish, and yet it is maintained by the choicest delicates, as God, Christ, and glory.

will make a man bless him that curses him, and pray for those that persecute him.

 is the nurse of our graces, the preserver of our mercies, and the great promoter of holy duties.

 cannot find three things on this side heaven: it cannot find fulness in the creature, nor sweetness in sin, nor life in an ordinance without Christ.

 can weep over other men’s weaknesses, and joy and rejoice over their graces.

 will make a man quiet and contented in the meanest condition, and it will preserve a man from envying other men’s prosperous condition, 1 Thes. 1:2, 3.

 honours those that are strong in grace, and puts two hands under those that are weak in grace, Eph. 3:8.

 makes a man richer than other men, and it makes a man judge himself the poorest among men.

 will see much good abroad, when it can see but little at home.

will make a man have high thoughts of others and low thoughts of a man’s self; it will make a man see much glory and excellency in others, and much baseness and sinfulness in a man’s self; it will make a man see others rich, and himself poor; others strong, and himself weak; others wise, and himself foolish.

will make a man excellent at covering others’ infirmities, and at recording their gracious services, and at delighting in their graces; it makes a man joy in every light that outshines his own, and every wind that blows others good.

is better at believing than it is at questioning other men’s happiness. I judge, saith an humble soul, it is well with these Christians now, but it will be far better with them hereafter. They are now upon the borders of the New Jerusalem, and it will be but as a day before they slide into Jerusalem.

An humble heart is an habitation for God, a scholar for Christ, a companion of angels, a preserver of grace, and a fitter for glory.

Ah, Christian! though faith be the champion of grace, and love the nurse of grace, yet humility is the beautifier of grace; it casts a general glory upon all the graces in the soul.

Ah! did Christians more abound in humility, they would be less bitter, froward, and sour, and they would be more gentle, meek, and sweet in their spirits and practices.

An humble soul is willinger to say, Heaven is that man’s, than mine; and Christ is that Christian’s, than mine; and God is their God in covenant, than mine. Ah! were Christians more humble, there would be less fire and more love among them than now is, &c.

-Thomas Brooks, Precious Remedies for Satan’s Devices (slightly modified).