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We confess that

We would claim humility
But will not have humiliation
We would claim dependence
But will not have discomfort.
We would claim prayerfulness
But will not be destitute.

Jesus blesses the poor
But we will be rich
Jesus blesses the hungry
But we will be full
Jesus blesses those who weep
But we will laugh
Jesus blesses the despised
But we will be praised.

We will pray
provided others can hear
We will do good works
provided others can see
We will take glory from men
But claim it is all for Christ
We will worship the Lord
But raise Baal in our hearts

If you love us,
You will break us.

There is no faith without need
No humility without humiliation
No love without long-suffering
No prayer without destitution

But for us there is hope
We have hope
For we have a Savior
We have forgiveness
For we have a priest
We have comfort
For we have a brother
We have protection
For we have a king
We have rest
For there is a promised land.
Oh Savior & friend, lead us there.