So we see in Edwards a mixture. Sometimes he got it right, while at other times he fell short. We see that it is not always easy to live as we are called. We see that while we are on earth, we may long for heaven, we may long for those eternal and future realities to be just as real and true here and now, but we realize that won’t always be the case. The reality is that we are fallen human beings living in a fallen world. It would be wrong, however, to conclude that because we are sinners in a fallen world, Edwards’s sermon “Heaven Is a World of Love” doesn’t work. It would even be wrong to see this sermon and its goals as a nice piece of inspiration but short on real-world application. This is not the brass ring on the merry-go-round. It’s our calling. The life of love is not on reserve until the future; it is to be lived now in this world.

Stephen Nicols, Heaven on Earth