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But be assured there is no Easter joy in the resurrection to the man who, the instant he conceives the Mediator as having been removed, knows nothing of Mary’s anguish, who does not feel himself to be unhappy, helpless, and wretched, with an intensity of feeling like hers. The first condition of participation in the joy of the resurrection lies in this, that after a man has been thoroughly convinced of his lost state, he passionately thirst for the grace of God and the assurance of eternal life,—that he feel and confess all the world can offer to relieve this craving is inadequate. As it was with Mary Magdalene in the instance before us, so he will never attain inward peace until he have met One who came down from heaven to earth, not only to announce in God’s name pardon to sinners, but who confirmed the cheering message in a manner that commended itself alike to both head and heart. And this One has appeared. The soul which finds itself in despair as to all human counsel and comfort, and yearns for some fixed grounds of hope, will infallibly and speedily discover Him in the Lord of the resurrection, and having done so, will ask nothing further of heaven or earth.

Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher. The Risen Redeemer.