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Great deeps of trial bring with them great deeps of promise. For you, much afflicted ones, there are great words and mighty, which are not meant for other saints of easier experience. You shall drink from deep golden goblets, reserved for those giants who can drink great potions of wormwood, and are men of capacity enough to quaff deep draughts of the wines on the lees well refined. Trials are mighty enlargers to the soul. We are contracted, narrowed, pent up, and we rightly pray, “Lord, enlarge my heart.” Ay, but the opening of capacious reservoirs within us can only be effected by the spade of daily tribulation, and then, being digged out by pain and trouble, there becomes room for the overflowing promise. A great adversity will to the believer bring with it great grace. Whenever the Lord sets his servants to do extraordinary work he always gives them extraordinary strength; or if he puts them to unusual suffering he will give them unusual patience.

-Spurgeon, Deep Calleth Unto Deep

#865, 1869