The Christian Church has all to often degenerated into a human driven social club with God-words. It too often depends upon money and style and “charisma”. No wonder she is big and rich and often without any real effect.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said this about the church we find in Acts

It seems to me to be simply ludicrous to suggest that such men, without learning, without any influence or authority, without any money behind them, with none of the means of propaganda that we are familiar with today, that such men by their own efforts and abilities could succeed in doing what we read of in the pages of this book. How did it come about? There is only one answer. The world was turned upside-down not because of what they did, but because of what God did to them, in them, and by means of them. And that is the essential message concerning the Christian church—her meaning, her function, her message, her purpose.

Ah that she would look to her true purpose, her true message; would that we would remember the grace of her Lord is sufficient.