He is no sooner born into the world, but He is hunted by Herod [Matt. 2:14]; baptized at Jordan, but Satan sets on Him [Matt. 3:16; 4:1]; a preacher for repentance, but the scribes proscribe6 Him [John 7:1]; to work miracles, but the Pharisees slander Him [Luke 11:15]. He is no sooner to suffer, but the devil assaults Him [John 12:27]; apprehended, but the Jews deliver Him [John 18:28]; delivered, but Herod derides Him [Luke 23:11]; derided, but Pilate condemns Him [Luke 23:24]; condemned, but the soldiers abuse Him [Matt. 27:27]. Is He on the cross? The people will not pity Him [Matt. 27:39]. Is He risen? The high priests will belie Him [Matt. 28:15]. In a word, is He upon earth? He is tempted in His person [Luke 11:16]. Is He in heaven? He is tempted in His members [Acts 9:4]. Thus the life of Christ was a warfare upon earth, and the life of Christians must be a warfare upon earth. We live here in a sea of troubles: the sea is the world, the waves are calamities, the church is the ship, the anchor is hope, the sails are love, the saints are passengers, the haven is heaven, and Christ is our Pilot. When the sea can continue without waves, the ship without tossings, and passengers not be sick upon the water, then shall the church of God be without trials. We begin this voyage so soon as we are born, and we must sail on till our dying day.

Robert Hill, 1604

Letter to Lord Russell