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Biblical Counseling, to be truly biblical, must properly take into account the entire human being, body and soul. Unfortunately, perhaps as an over-correction to those who reduce the human being to a mere physical structure, many well-meaing Christians will treat counseling questions as solely matters of thought.

We should be careful to consider physical causes for things which we observe in human beings. While it is true that one’s body cannot make one sin, the body can make certain sins easier: our weakness can be a source of temptation: when are hungry, thirsty, tired, we are often more easily irritated and break out in sinful anger. The anger is still sinful, but the temptation was easier to accomplish.

Therefore, we should be careful to consider current medical literature — not to treat physical diseases, that should only be left to physicians — but rather to consider other causes for the things we observe. This is especially a matter of concern when it comes to brain disease.

This article explains that the recent studies on physical aspects of schizophrenia show that more than one physical problem underlies what is often treated as a single disease, as diagnosed based upon outward symptoms:

Schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder affecting about one in 100 people, is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, in large part because it manifests differently in different people. A new study published today in Molecular Neuropsychiatry helps explain why. Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have created a map that shows how specific schizophrenia symptoms are linked to distinct brain circuits.
The findings add to a growing body of evidence that schizophrenia is not a single disease but a complex constellation of neural circuit problems. The study also reinforces the potential value of brain scans for identifying and understanding schizophrenia in individual patients, for finding promising new therapeutic approaches, and for helping clinicians track a patient’s progress during therapy.

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