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More concerning Thales (circa 585 B.C.), from Diogenes Laertius, The Lives of Eminent Philosophers. Today, a song:

Of the songs about him is this:

Don’t suppose that many words
Will prove the thoughtful heart
Search for that wisdom
Seek for that good
For that will tie the endless, prating tongues of men

Greek Text and Notes:

Τῶν τε ᾀδομένων αὐτοῦ τάδε εἶναι·
οὔ τι τὰ πολλὰ ἔπη φρονίμην ἀπεφήνατο δόξαν·
ἕν τι μάτευε σοφόν,
ἕν τι κεδνὸν αἱροῦ·
δήσεις γὰρ ἀνδρῶν κωτίλων γλώσσας ἀπεραντολόγους.

, ed. R. D. Hicks (Kansas City Missouri: Harvard University Press, November 1, 2005), 36.

Τῶν τε ᾀδομένων αὐτοῦ τάδε εἶναι
Now concerning the songs about, they are

Τῶν τε ᾀδομένων: and of the songs, concerning the songs.
αὐτοῦ: Genitive of reference: now concerning the songs about him.

οὔ τι τὰ πολλὰ ἔπη·
Not by many words
Epos: instrumental dative

φρονίμην ἀπεφήνατο
The primary verb: declares
The accusative object: an understanding heart
δόξαν: an aorist participle. It seems to be adverbial. The verb has a range of meanings along the lines of either a thing is probable, or it appears to the speaker: thus, think, seem, suppose, believe, et cetera.

The next two lines contrast with the many of the first line and the plural (tongues) of the fourth line:

ἕν τι μάτευε σοφόν,
Seek that one wisdom

ἕν τι κεδνὸν αἱροῦ·
on that good choose

δήσεις γὰρ
For you will bind (future, to bind; metaphorical with certain subjects)
ἀνδρῶν κωτίλων γλώσσας
of men chattering tongues
adjective: talking without end