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Rebirth is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations of mankind. These primordial affirmations are based on what I call archetypes. In view of the fact that all affirmations relating to the sphere of the suprasensual are, in the last analysis, invariably determined by archtypes, it is not spring that a concurrent of affirmations concerning rebirth can be found among the among the most widely differing peoples. There must be psychic events underlying these affirmations which it is the business of psychology to discuss–without ever entering into all the metaphysical and philosophical assumptions regarding their significance.

C.G. Jung, “Concerning Rebirth,” in Four Archtypes, trans. R.F.C. Hull (Princeton: Princeton Press, 1973), 50. That is, since certain images, concepts exist among divergent people groups, there must be a common source for this psychological structure: that common source is the realm of archtypes.