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The “uses” section of most Puritan sermons is extensive, detailed, and profound. Consider Flavel’s sermon on Christ’s words on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The doctrine he derived from this text was “Jesus Christ hath perfected and completely finished the great work of redemption, committed to him by God the Father.”1 Half of the sermon then offers these practical inferences drawn from the doctrine: (1) comfort: believers need not fear condemnation for all the imperfections of our works for God; (2) warning: trusting anything besides Christ for our justification is dangerous to us and dishonoring to Christ; (3) hope: if Christ finished His work for us, then He will finish His work in us; (4) exultation: rejoice in this finished work and the way of justification by faith in Christ alone; (5) imitation: if Christ worked, then all Christians must labor to glorify God by hard work; and (6) exhortation: strive to finish the work God gives you before death closes your life.

Joel Beeke, Encouragement for Today’s Pastor