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(I received this note from one of most godly and dedicated pastors I have ever met)

A good word for preachers of the Word from Thomas Taylor’s commentary on Titus:

“Ministers must take head of earthly-mindedness, not seeking theirs, but them who are committed to their trust; not only to avoid an offense, but also that they may feelingly speak of points which concern forsaking the world in affection, for this is a point difficult enough to learn from the most sanctified teacher.

“If a minister takes not this course, long may he look for a harvest, yea even until his eyes fail, but he shall never see his seed again; He has sewn to the wind, and what can he expect to reap but earthliness and atheism among his people. For men’s minds will be working, and settling themselves upon some pleasurable and profitable object; it’s not upon that which is truly good, yet at least upon that which is apparently good; and their hearts can never be taken off things below, but will remain worldlings still, and unless we show them better treasures elsewhere, and that in such a feeling manner they may think we speak in earnest.”