Interesting observation about the exorcisms performed by Jesus:

Jesus crosses the lake to the opposite shore, which is opposite in many other ways. It is an idolatrous region teeming with demons. When Jesus disembarks, he is immediately assailed by a demoniac. In comparison to Matthew’s and Luke’s accounts (see Matt 8:28; Luke 8:26–27), Mark alone gives a vivid account of the man’s condition and how he had been treated. He had been chained and beaten as if he were a wild animal, but people were unable to tame him. He broke the chains and now lived alone in tombs, the unclean place of the dead, mutilating himself and screaming into the night. In the NT, demonized individuals are victims of an evil power, and it requires a stronger divine power to liberate them from the demonic oppression. Jesus never rebukes those who are demonized, never tells them to repent, and never tells them that their sins are forgiven. They need deliverance.
David E. Garland, A Theology of Mark’s Gospel