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XII Concerning Law [the original had no title here]

85 [mis-numbering in original]. He belives that the law was from the beginning; and yet he believes that it was first given to Moses.85. He knows that when the Law was given, it was said, do this and live; and yet he believes that there was no covenant of works since Christ was promised.
86. He believes that circumcision is cast out of the Church, and yet he believes that every saint is a circumcised person.
87. He believes that Christ obeyed and fulfilled the Law for him; and het he believes that the Law is to be observed by him.
88. He believes that the Law as to be abolished, and yet he believes that Christ came not to destroy it.
89. He knows that there is a curse denounced against them that break the Law, and yet he believes that he shall not be cursed though he has never kept it.
90. He knows that he cannot be justified by the law, and yet believes that the law cannot but justify him.
91. He eagerly pursues the works of righteousness, but does mot peremptorily rejects the righteousness of works.