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Dr. Pierre’s chapter, “Scripture is Sufficient, But to do What?” in Scripture and Counseling explains the way in which Scripture is “sufficient”. He deals with common objections to the doctrine such as “The Bible does not tell us everything about how the Sun works.” As he explains, “God’s exhaustive knowledge of the world’s material nature is not contained in Scripture. We do not know how the sun’s unquenchable combustion sustains itself ….”(97).

Pierre explains the Scripture does not just tell us information, it also tells how to understand information, “Scripture is sufficient for framing the priority of attention regarding the human experience as occurring covenantally before God.” (100) He goes on to explain, “Put simply, there is a world of difference between general revelation and our interpretation of general revelation.” (102)

Here is the point:

Scripture is sufficient to frame the entirety of both human experience and the context in which that experience occurs according to God’s essential purpose for people to reflect His personhood by means of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The entire volume of 21 essays and an Forward by Dr. Mohler is well worth your time.