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A godly habit of life is even the same, that is, an endeavoring to live after the word of God, which teaches us to believe that God will enable us thereto, and bless us therein.

So also living by faith is no other but relying upon the word of God, with full purpose to be guided by it, either by reflecting upon his promises or obeying his commandments: which life of faith is the most glorious and rich prerogative.

For by this we are confident and rest quiet about our salvation from time to time:
by this we walk in newness of life and all the parts of it;
by it we are assured in our prayers to be preserved;
to have the rage of our strong lusts weakened:
by this we are delivered from many sharp and bitter afflictions,
and have grace to bear the rest with great meekness and patience;
by it we go through our callings more easily.

And finally, we attain to that quiet estate and sweet peace,
which the carnal wisdom of man shall never find or enjoy:
without this, any life is most miserable.

Paul Baynes, Brief Directions Unto a Godly Life