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Fire quenched, old Sophocles,
Flower of poets
Purple cluster crowned of Bacchus

Ἐσβέσθης, γηραιὲ Σοφόκλεες, ἄνθος ἀοιδῶν,
οἰνωπὸν Βάκχου βότρυν ἐρεπτόμενος.

( You will find the Greek text in the Loeb Greek Anthology, book 7, no. 20; translation is mine.)

Ἐσβέσθης: You are, it has happened to: as a fire quenched. The LSJ has “metaph. of men, become extinct, die”. (sbennumi). You are put out (as of a flame)

γηραιὲ Σοφόκλεες: Old man Sophocles (vocative, direct address)

ἄνθος: a blossom, a flower

ἀοιδῶν: of poets, singers: here of all poets, the superlative poet.

οἰνωπὸν: ruddy faced, dark complexion, with more than a whiff of drunkenness; with grapes, purple

Βάκχου: of Bacchus: here the one who acts; subjective genitive: Bacchus crowns

βότρυν: cluster of berries or grapes

erepto: a crown (not ereptomai, to feed on)