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There is in every state of life a snare and a privilege. It is the folly and misery of man, that if left to himself, he willingly runs into the snare and misses the privilege. He is only able to add to his own misery and to make his condition worse than he finds it.

Those whom God loves, he teaches. He takes away creature comforts and by secret impressions of love upon the heart he teaches the soul to look out for restoration to a good condition (Mark 10: 29-30). In a word, whatever the affliction is, it shall be the soul’s gain.

In Romans 8: 28 and Hebrews 12: 12, God teaches his people that

God’s rod and God’s love both go together.

This is a sweet lesson indeed, it quiets the heart and supports the soul under its burden (2 Cor. 4: 16).

What we lose in our bodies we gain in our souls.

What we lose in our estates we get in grace.

Thus we can comfort ourselves in our deepest sorrows.

Those attending only to their afflictions

aggravate their circumstances,

sink their own spirits,

vex their souls,

and dishonour God by slandering God’s dispensations and bringing up an evil report upon the cross of Jesus Christ. God’s suffering people taste peace and comfort for their soul and so rejoice only in God, becoming more than conquerors through him that loves us (Rom. 8: 37).

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