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To have compassion on those who are suffering.
To prize your current comforts more, and yet to “dote upon them less”.
Self-denial and willing obedience to the will of God.
To learn Humility and meekness.
To expose unknown corruption in the heart.
To pray.
To become more acquainted with the Word of God.
To learn necessity of assurance of salvation and heaven as the basis of our happiness.
To see what an evil it is to grieve the Holy Spirit.
To draw us into communion with God.
To increase our grace.
To better know God.
To attend more to our duty than our deliverance.
It is a privilege to be in a suffering condition.
Affliction is the one thing necessary.
To be diligent to redeem our time.
To rightly estimate the sufferings of Jesus.
To prize and long for heaven.
The sinfulness of sin.
The emptiness of earthly things.
God reveals to the soul the fullness of Jesus Christ.


Adapted from Thomas Case, When Christian Suffering

Banner of Truth (great book).