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He believes that God saves men freely, and yet be believes that Christ bought salvation for them.
He believe that God will reward him for all he does for good; and yet whatsoever he does for God, God does it in him.
He believes that God is always giving out himself to the being of creates and faith of saints, and yet remains as full as he ever was.
There is nothing so clear to him as godliness, and yet there is nothing more mysterious.
There is no man denies himself but he, and yet there is no man who seeks himself so much as he.
He sometimes misses what he would have, and yet he think not his will to be therein crossed.
He knows he does not live by bread, and yet he eats to maintain his life.
He believes that his prayers do purchase nothing; and yet he could not expect to enjoy what he does if he did not pray.
He is by the Spirit led into duties, and led out of them by the same Spirit.
He cannot demonstrate what he knows in believing, and yet his knowledge by faith is as clear as any demonstration.
He believes that his qualification do not cause God’s love; and yet he might question whether God loved him if he were not qualified.
He prises righteousness at a high rate, and yet he counts his righteousness no better than dung.
He knows that he can never attain to the perfection of God; and yet he labors to be perfect as God is perfect.
He is all men most humble, yet none has a heart so lifted up as he.
He drinks gall and wormwood, yet accounts it sweeter than honey or the honey-comb.
There is no so vile among men as he; there is none among men so honorable.
He thinks highly of himself, though the world despise him; and yet despises himself though God should think highly of him
He is the meekest man upon all the earth, yet none so angry as he.
He would willing be the best of saints, yet is willing that everyone be better than himself.
He believes that God does always hear his prayers, and yet he often goes without that he prays for.
There are none so much in love peace as he, yet none maintain such a constant warfare.
He believes that he shall never be infinite; and yet he believes that he shall be filled with an infinite God.