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Now I come to that which I have here in the Text.
For they shall inherit the earth.

It’s as strange a promise as any we have in Scripture, As much against carnal reason as any thing almost in all the book of God: —— Blessed are the meeke: —— I you will say they are blessed, they may get to heaven when they dye, but they are like to suffer a great deale of wrong while they live: Nay if we do put up wrongs and beare with others that do us injuries, we may have wrongs enough, and we may quickly loose all that ever we have, this is the reasoning of a carnal heart, but Jesus Christ if you dare trust him, he professes that of all men in the world the meek are those that shall inherit the earth, it shall be better with them in the earth then with other men.

Jeremiah Burroughs, “Sermon XII or Meeke Persons Subjects for Christ to Comfort,” in The Saints’ Happiness (London: William Greenhill; John Yates; William Bridge; William Aderly; Philip Nye; Mathew Mead, 1660), 190.