Springing onto the stage through the fog and laser lights as the band played a liturgical version of “We’re not Gonna Take It”, Senior Pastor Brian Larson shouted, “You ready to get you’re meekness on?”

The band brought down the pulsing beat as “Pastor B” warned against “twisting the Word of God.” He said, “Too many Christians think meekness means weakness. Too many Christians say meekness means mild. Well I say a meek-Christian is a freak-Christian. Meekness,’ he said in a lower voice, quivering means passion, “means power: power under control.”

At that point, the jumbotron behind the band powered up a video clip of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat burning rubber, the image dissolving into the Hellcat logo on the rear of the car.

“Meekness doesn’t mean you’re a doormat — too many Christians say that. Meekness means power under control, like that Dodge burning rubber, the heme-cranking out the horsepower. It means having the horsepower and knowing how to drive.”

At that point, the band burst into “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hagar. Later in the weekend conference, Pastor B called meekness “the caffeine of the soul” and brought out this nuance from the Sermon on the Mount, “The reason the meek shall inherit the earth, is because they are going to go out and get it.”