“How shall the minister be able to hold out against so many enemies, so dangerous, so great, so learned, and so scornful? He must encourage himself by meditating upon the promises of God, who has put him in his service, who has put a powerful word in his mouth, and who goes with him to see that none touch him or do him any harm. Jeremiah was sent against priests, princes, and people, who all (he knew) must fight against him; and how could one poor Jeremiah hold out against them all? The Lord furnishes him with a gracious promise to lean upon, “I Will be With you to deliver you” (Jer. 1:19). And When he was in his ministry, did he find this an idle promise, or God not so good as his word? No, surely. He was in daily derision; he heard railings and reproaches upon every side; but he says, “The Lord is with me like a mighty giant, and therefore my persecutors shall be over— thrown” (Jer. 20:11).” 

Thomas Taylor “An Exposition of Titus”